General Tasting Fee $20.00    

2019 Chardonnay (Stainless steel) RS 0.7%

This young wine, ripe with strong hints of green apple, fruit blossom and tropical fruit. Well chilled it finishes lightly with almond and just a touch of lemon. Pure delight. Pairing this with a lovely soft Humboldt Fog cheese and dark rye cracker, a few sweetheart cherries? The afternoon on the patio is looking up.

Glass Pour $15.00 Bottle $50.00

2019 Three Bastards (Stainless Steel)  RS 1.8% White wine blend

This gorgeous combination of Roussanne, Viognier and Chardonnay are the perfect summer white.  A luscious sweet drinkable wine with the faint aroma of valley fresh fruit should and must accompany your favorite Charcuterie plate.   Or create your wine cocktail, add ice and a twist of lime…divine!!

Glass Pour $12.00 Bottle $35.00

2019 Riesling (Stainless steel) RS 2.5%

Our 2019 is a wonderful medium Alsace style Riesling. Harvesting at just the right time gave this wine the perfect blend of acidity and sweetness. Properly chilled this wine has lovely hints of apple and fragrant jasmine. This wine is substantial enough to be paired with and compliment strong Asian flavors. A chilled glass of our Riesling with a miso marinated duck breast and char siu glaze.

Glass Pour $12.00 Bottle $35.00

2017 Malbec  (22 months French Barrels)

It is versatile, drinkable and full of fruit.  We’ve taken this popular wine and made it wonderfully “Mellisoni”.  Slight hints of raspberry…just around the edges.  This is our “go to” wine when grilling flank steak.  Salt, pepper and fresh garlic rubbed in before searing over hot charcoal.  The light smokiness of the meat with this wine?  Just start sighing happily now….

Glass Pour $18.00 Bottle $60.00

2017 60 Degrees (22 months French Barrels)(33% Nebbiolo, Barbera, Sangiovese)

Our beautiful ruby wine is slightly dry with  medium body.  Full of summer dark berries and some floral notes this wine would work perfectly with a roasted garlic and herb chicken….or lightly season pork tenderloin finished on the grill.

Glass Pour $18.00 Bottle $65.00

2017 Merlot (22 months French Barrels)

Just when we thought we’d hit our stride with Merlot…along comes 2017.  This is turning out to be one of our best!  Honestly….we can’t stop drinking this one. It has wonderful depth of character and a soft finish on the merlot.  We think we’d try a slow roasted pork with chilis or little roasted garlic crostini with whipped ricotta and cracked pepper.  You decide.

Glass Pour $15.00  Bottle $55.00