Wine Club

Wine Club

Enjoy your own personalized mix of wines when you join the Mellisoni Wine Club. Get access to Club events and perks, with the freedom to cancel after just one year of membership.


Become A Mellisoni Wine Club Member

Club Members receive a personalized mix of high quality wines every quarter. Taste the spirit of Agritourismo at home or share with friends and get access to exclusive events and perks at the Mellisoni Vineyard.  You can identify the types of wines you prefer to ensure that you receive the wines you want each quarter.  Join by clicking the following:

Mellisoni Vineyards Wine Club Enrollment Form 

Our new policies effective October 1st, 2020:

Discounts are increased to the following for our Wine Club friends:

4 Bottle Member Per Quarter –   25% off

6 Bottle Member Per Quarter –   30% off

12 Bottle Member Per Quarter –   40% off

24 Bottle Member Per Quarter –   50% off

Any purchase of 6 or more bottles includes free shipping!

Also new, you may now purchase your wine at our website online using a code unique to you.  This coupon code never expires and will allow you to apply your discount to any wine you want to buy with no minimums or limits (even 1 bottle).  You can use it for events as well.  The coupon is only for you for your online purchases and we will see it and send your wine to you or hold it here at the Winery for you.  We will send you your special code via email.

In addition, we are offering to provide you with a higher discount when you buy more bottles than your membership number if you send the order to us to our wine club email or when you purchase here at the winery.  For example, if you are a 4 Bottle Member but want to purchase 6 bottles, you can get 30% off plus free shipping on that order.  The same goes if you are a 6 Bottle Member and purchase a case.  You will get 40% off the case.  Case members get some very special discounts!

Wine Club membership includes free tastings/glasses of wine per year, 4 for 2 Bottle Members (the equivalent of 1 free bottle per year), 8 for 4 Bottle Members, 12 for 6 Bottle Members, 24 for 12 Bottle Members and 48 for 24 Bottle Members.  Your personal discount applies to any tastings or glasses beyond your complimentary ones.

As always, we will continue to reserve some wines for Wine Club members only and provide special sales throughout the year to allow you to gain the maximum benefits from your membership. As Members, you do not need an appointment to visit us, please come and enjoy, we will always have V.I.P. seating set aside for you!


Club Events

Get Access To Club Events

Get all-up-access to private tastings, live music, and dinner events catered by renowned local chefs.